About Rian

In an alternate universe (or siimply, in Naruto's world), Rian is part of an assassination squad called ANsatsu Senjutsu Tokushu BUtai or ANBU. In that world, her duty is to hunt down rogue ninja and kill them, destroy traces of their existence so her village's secret won't be revealed to others.  In real life, she owns a katana (acquired in Japan) that looks just like what you see in this picture.
Rian doesn't talk much about her love life to anyone , neither past nor present. If you know something, anything about her love life, then you're one of the very few people who belongs to her inner circle. Despite her being secretive about this aspect of her life, she, on the other hand, loves to joke about her "single-ness", always!
In this cartoon version of Rian, she's an EXPLODING TEACHER! But she only explodes when there's a reason (dapat lang naman di ba?). Rian is a disciplinarian and a very strict one at that! Her students can attest to that. As a teacher, she's always after this one great goal = to produce professionals greater than her. And she believes that in order to achieve that, kailangan tutok sya sa mga students nya, hindi lang sa study habits nila kundi pati na rin sa ATTITUDE. And as always, pag lecture nya, performance level dapat! 
So here's what she does to anyone who angers her! No one can escape her ARRANCAR powers! And of course, I am kidding! This is how a villain Rian looks like in Hueco Mundo (Bleach)...
...and this is her again, in the Leaf Village. Here, you'll notice that she is surrounded with cherry blossoms, one of the reasons why she wants to go back to Japan.
A chill version of "Teacher Rian".
BSPT Batch 2007 and MSPT Quadricentennial Batch (2011)
The feeling of being able to give back to one's alma mater is so incredible that Rian didn't expect it could happen as early as 2008 (one year after finishing her undergrad studies). It's been over a decade since she first set foot in this university, but she knows that someday, she may have to leave the four walls of this institution to find a better opportunity for herself. All in due time.
The only instrument Rian enjoyed playing so much is the guitar (the flute also, just because it was a piece of cake). Rian learned the guitar on her own hence, she doesn't recommend anyone listening to it. READ: very amateur! She also tried to learn how to play the violin but failed. Other than being an amateur guitarist, she can also be a pretend rockstar drummer behind a set of Rock Band! :)
In reality, Rian is just a simple girl woman with lots of ideas and thoughts running through her head at any given time.

Rian was born and raised in Calapan City, Oriental Mindoro; moved to Manila at the age of 15 to attend the university. She is the third of four siblings.

Rian graduated from a public highschool in Mindoro and finished her BS and MS degrees (in physical therapy) from UST. Her field of specialization in rehabilitation is vestibular therapy (dizziness and balance therapy). In academe, she also holds the position of "Educational Technology and e-Learning Applications Cooordinator". Rian was a part of the Philippine Physical Therapy Association Board of Officers from 2010 to 2012.

Rian enjoyed playing volleyball and basketball with her siblings when she was younger but her real event was swimming. Swimming is her first love. She started when she was 10 and joined 3 regional and 2 national events. Among all four strokes, her most favorite is "the back". Her fastest record was 11 seconds for a 25m freestyle. When she went to college, she decided to drop swimming.

Rian's love for music is limited to these genres only: metal (progressive, industrial, heavy, Chistian, gothic), alternative rock and a little bit of punk rock, grunge and post-grunge. 

Rian is not a gadget-obsessed person but whatever she has, she knows how to put it to optimum use. She currently runs on Android, Linux, Microsoft and just wings it whenever she uses anything from Apple. She was awarded 'Best in Computer' for four consecutive years back when she was still in her old elementary school. She loves giving out crash courses (e.g. Adobe Photoshop, how to operate Linux, how to put up your own blog) for free to whoever is interested.

TV Series
DONE: FRIENDS, LOST, Harper Island, Lie To Me, Carnivale, Greek, Fringe, Joey, Avatar: The Last Airbender, 30 Rock

Rian's "regulars":  The Big Bang Theory, How I Met Your Mother, Modern Family, New Girl, Wilfred, Whitney, 2 Broke Girls, Game of Thrones, Arrested Development, The Mentalist, Web Therapy, Episodes, Doctor Who, Breaking Bad, Legend of Korra

Still working on it: Glee, Chuck, Burn Notice, Gossip Girl, Melissa and Joey, Smallville, Revenge, Archer, The Community, Go On, Men at Work, Seinfeld, Arrested Development, Girls

Cancelled but still loved: Don't Trust the B in Apartment 23, Flash Forward, Happy Endings

Fave Manga
Naruto, Bleach, Claymore, Death Note

Books & Movies 
[Read tons of books and has seen lots of movies, can't keep track anymore]

Rian the explorer
To date, she has been into 48 out of 80 Philippine provinces, 5 other Asian countries and the UAE. Right now, she's on a traveling hiatus as she redirects her earnings into investments that are more pressing at the moment. Plus, her travel bug is kinda lazy right now.



Abet said...

Your blog site was a good-read ms. rian, it makes me smile,simple pero malakas ang dating :)

Rian Gabor said...

Hi Abet! Thanks for dropping by. Are you my Sports Scientist batchmate from UST, Abet Sygui? Thanks again!

Anonymous said...

Hi Rian, im a musician here from batangas.Sorry if late ko nareply ung post mo, by the way ngayon nalang ulit nakavisit,malaman at busog ung lineups sa music mo din ah.it totally feed our ears well :)

Rian Gabor said...

Hi again, Abet. No need to apologize. Thanks for appreciating my kind of music. More power to you and your music career. :)