Doctor Who...

Sorry fellow Whovians if I misled you. This is not a Dr. Who post. Hihi.

Last month, my third term in BUiD started and I met a new professor. He's name is Dr. Phalangchok Wanphet but he asked us to call him Lang for short. Not Dr. Lang, just Lang. Now it is not uncommon for me to meet someone who wouldn't mind not being called "Doctor" (and I admire them for being so grounded) but he is the first one that made such a compelling point. You see, whenever I meet someone who has a doctorate degree for the very first time, I always address them with "Dr." plus their first name. I offer that distinction to them because earning a PhD is no joke. Everyone knows that. But he made it clear that it does not matter if we address him Dr. Lang or Lang. "Whether you call me Dr. or not, I will not lose my degree." So on point! It does not make him less of a doctor if his students or anyone will call him by his first name (or nick name for that matter).

In my line of profession, it goes without saying that I have met so many humble intellectuals. My boss is one of them. I've gotten accustomed to calling him Dr. + surname (the only exception to my rule above of Dr. + first name) despite him insisting that he be called Muhammed. My colleague Unaise is the same. And then there's Tomader, a senior lecturer of the Pharmacy Department. Add to that the professor I met this morning. He is Dr. Stephen from University of Glasgow, Scotland (where my PhD program came from). There's too many of them to mention. Kudos to all of them who can keep themselves grounded despite all their achievements. :D

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