Desert Warrior Challenge

April 24, 2015
(I've got a serious backlog of stories to blog! Sorry, Ma!)

"Desert Warrior Challenge brings you fun and challenging obstacle courses, designed to test the physical strength, mental toughness, team-work and overall fitness of each and every Warrior. The courses cater for participants with various skill and fitness levels, from children to the extreme athlete striving for a hardcore challenge. Each course consists of a wide range of obstacles where participants run, crawl, jump, carry, climb and slide their way to the finish line. Completing a Desert Warrior Challenge course leaves its Warriors with a feeling of accomplishment unlike any other." -- DWC website

We had a good 3 weeks to train before we subjected ourselves to this challenge. My triathlon event just ended the weekend before this one. April 2015 had been such a perfect month for outdoor activities!

Here are my teammates. Most of them are from Bechtel, an international company whose expertise spans across engineering, construction and project management.

My partner in crime for that day. Thanks Kuya for the push! WOOOO HOOOOO *to the tune of your signature wooohoo*!

Our wave and hit happened around noon-time. It was soo agonizing because the sun showed no mercy. We survived but we promised never to take that slot again. Haha! Can you spot us?

There we are! I don't look sooo happy, do I? Haha!

Most of the obstacles were staged within Yas Marina Circuit. There were 3 courses available: Fearless Warrior (5km), Desert Warrior (10km) and Ultimate Warrior (10km, timed). Of course, dahil newbies lang kami, we opted for the Fearless Warrior track.



Run, Rian, run!


OBSTACLE #4: THE 1/4 PIPE. I didn't do this one but Hashen did.

OBSTACLE #5: One big jump off the marina. There were two platforms. Kuya and I chose to jump off the lower platform. Hehe. Here's Kuya's jump:

Here's one of our teammates jumping oh so high!

That's where we jumped off. Not so high right? Not for me though. I'm terribly afraid of heights that I wasted ~15 minutes just standing there, trying to muster all the courage I need to overcome my fear.

While I was seriously recovering from my fear of heights, he was just laughing at how I took a lot of time to jump off that platform. Haha!

Running along the Marina. I got tempted to just stay there and leisurely swim until everybody finishes the challenge. Look at that water, it's as flat as a pancake! But of course, I needed to finish the challenge. A warrior doesn't give up, right? Chos!


Oh yeah! That's us, fearless! Charot!


OBSTACLE #7: BRAIN FREEZE. That's a huge tub of tube ice. This was Kuya's favorite...

...but not mine! The fez:

Another interlude. Woooo hooooo! Bungisngis kasi malapit na matapos. Hihi.

OBSTACLE #8: We carried 20kg of sandbag while negotiating 4 flights of stairs.

OBSTACLE #9: TWIN PEAKS. Thanks red-shirt-guy for giving me a boost!

Walking ala "macho ako"! Haha.


Coming out of THE MONSTER:

The last obstacle.

Everyone from our team finished the challenge. Yey!

Goofing around with our lovely cheerleaders. Thanks Odessa, Mam Elms and Ading.

Feeling "car show placard girl". Haha!

We had late lunch at Ikea where I ate like a true warrior, commonly known in Pinas as "kain construction worker". Hehe.

Nothing beats a sunset swim at the beach. I am one happy mermaid slash warrior. :)

Here's my finisher's "medal". I have always liked collecting dog tags. Perhaps it's because I'm a frustrated army person. Chos! Anyway, gotta continue training for the next Desert Warrior Challenge (that's before the year ends)! Hopefully, we get to convince our cheerleaders to play as well. Weeeee! The more, the "many-er". :p


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