Spring Break 2015

March 29 to April 4, 2015

I decided to stay put during this week-long break. Yep, I didn't visit any new country. I'm saving up for something big. Melody went away and visited Armenia while I enjoyed the rest of my week doing all sorts of things that involved a lot of "feeding". Hehe.

On the first weeknight of spring break, Mam Elma brought us out for a going-away dinner. The next day, she left for Indonesia to attend a wedding celebration with friends who came from different parts of the world.

HOME! We watched the animated movie Home and it was loads of fun!

I continued my training in Al Jazira even during spring break (all the more reason to do training right, because I don't have anything else to do). I did train almost every day. Can you spot my forehead in the below image? Hehe.

Also, Coach and I went out for a semi-offroad at Yas Island. What a nice view of that circular building (Aldar Headquarters) from afar.

This is me enjoying my "me" time. I don't usually do selfies but when you're locked up in your room all day long with no one to talk to but the characters of the book that you'r reading, sometimes craziness gets into your head, right?!

Aaah, weekend! Day trip to Dubai with 801 peeps. We went from GITEX (Gulf Information Technology Exhibit) at the World Trade Center to Dubai Outlet Mall to The Global Village.

I didn't get to buy anything from GITEX except my father's emergency car battery jump-starter. Hihi. I was eyeing for the Gopro Hero 4 Black but there was too much crowd in each booth that I suddenly lost the energy to go around.

This is me geeking out at Comicave in Dubai Outlet Mall. Hihihi.

Toys, toys, toyssssss!!!!! Toshi would have loved to see this paradise.

Last stop, The Global Village, where we watched Pepe Smith and the Juan dela Cruz play some of their classics. And of course, food trip! We didn't try any rides. We were too tired from walking all day long that we just decided to eat and while away the time.

We got back to Abu Dhabi at around half past 1AM. It was indeed a very tiring day trip but all worth it!

At 2AM, I was fast asleep at my place. Then alarm went off at 4AM because Hashen and I decided to pick-up Mam Elma from the airport. With only 2 hours of sleep, we decided to have breakfast at Marrybrown and went straight to Sharjah to scout for some spare parts for Dora and my father's very old Land Rover. Hihi.

It was so amazing what you can find in that place in Sharjah. It was blocks and blocks of auto-repair shops and junk shops. Name the brand and you'll find it there! No wonder why people from all over UAE and other gulf countries go there to have their cars fixed. Everything is cheaper than your average auto-repair shop what with all the spare parts coming from surplus and salvaged cars.

At our last stop in Sharjah, I saw this refurbished Mini Cooper. Love at first sight! Whenever I see a Mini, I always get reminded of my sister because she's such a sucker for Minis. I hope my BIL and I can push her to do driving lessons again soon so she can finally buy her dream car. Hehe.

We dropped by Decathlon in Mirdif City Center to check out whether I can finally buy my triathlon suit but we couldn't find one. :( So we just went for buffet lunch at Emirates Grand Hotel.

On our way back to Abu Dhabi, Mam Elma had fun taking snapshots of Dubai's sky scrapers along Sheikh Zayed Road.

Last stop of the day, Goldilocks halo-halo!!! Weeee!

Til next spring break!

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