Nissan Triathlon Festival 2015

April 17, 2015

A month ago, Ann asked me if I wanted to join and represent her company, Atkins, for the Nissan Triathlon Festival. She said they were looking for swimmers to complete the corporate relay teams. Walang kaabog-abog, I said YES! And that was when I activated my serene mode on.

Meet Jannie, my teammate. He is a Mechanical Engineer of Atkins specializing on Nuclear Energy (oh yeah! heavygatin!). He confessed that he's not a triathlete but instead loves extreme mountain biking. Our runner missed the event so Jannie ran in his place.

My friends Melody, Mam Elma, Hashen and Alquin drove all the way from Abu Dhabi at the break of dawn just to catch my event. All-out support complete with cheering paraphernalia (pom-poms, balloons na hindi na-inflate, party poppers na hindi na-pop, and trophy!!!) Hihihi. Kilig much!

My sister and BIL were there as well and they brought along the little bunnies.

There were a total of 8 waves (4 triathlon and 4 aquathlon categories). This is my wave. Participants with pink caps swim for corporate sprint category.

Can you spot the swimming me? Hehe.

Running for my life. ;p

Happy Rian post-swim. Quite high with all that adrenaline rushing through my bloodstream.

My cutest and youngest fan. Hihi.

The suspect why I swam for Atkins. Thanks Dimps/Ann! Btw, she ran 5km for another Atkins team.

Atkins and Faith + Gould employees/triathletes. (FYI: Atkins is one of the world's leading design company (originally from UK) whose projects in UAE include the Dubai metro, the 7-star Burj Al Arab, Yas Waterworld  and more.)

I'm very thankful to have finally experienced my first triathlon event ever! I remember planning this whole relay thing with my college professor-turned-colleague Sir Mike Peralta who is an avid runner, and the super cyclist Saul Sibayan. That was 3 years ago, back when we were volunteering as official physical therapists of all Tri United events in Luzon. We would get inspired by all the triathletes visiting our booth for conditioning and stretching. But we never really got into it because of lack of time.

Here's my finisher's loot. The trophy was given by my Abu Dhabi friends. Thanks guys! The next day, when I received the results from Atkins race coordinator, my teammate and I were surprised to know that we have placed 5th in our category. We were planning to just enjoy the race. We didn't even bother training hard for it. All I wanted was to complete the race without embarrassing myself. My sporting mantra is "COMPLETE, NOT COMPETE!". But we were blessed with a great first experience. And for that, I'm truly grateful.

Right now, my training for swimming is ongoing. The cycling part had stopped for a month now, but I'm slowly prepping myself to increase my running endurance, which is the hardest for me among the 3 events. Hopefully, someday I get to join the individual category. For now, I'll stick training with my buddies and look forward to the next season of triathlon events.

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