Lulu Island

Throwback: Overnight on an abandoned island

The first time I went to Lulu Island in 2013, there were like 3 boats ferrying us to the island. This time, we only needed one boat because there were only 5 of us. We intended to do clamming and fishing but we failed 101%. Hahaha.

Lovely view of Abu Dhabi City.

Goofing around with Melody and brothers Hashen and Alquin.

Trying hard to capture a synchronized jump shot.

With the kagalang-galangan at kapita-pitagang madamme.

For more of our goofy faces, click on the image below:

I took a video of our boat ride from the island back to the city. The waves were really scary but the driver was so good we didn't even feel the danger of it all. :D

More upcoming adventures!!!


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