Desert chronicles... Off-roading in Sharjah

A day before the weekend, I received an invite from my friend who is a member of Pinoy Offroaders UAE. He called and told me that they will be entering the desert before midnight of Thursday and stay there for camping til morning. So on Thursday, right after my lecture in Al Ain campus, I headed straight to Dubai, arrived past 3PM, visited my sister and the kids, waited til 10PM for Coach Ruel to come pick me up. While waiting, my friends from Abu Dhabi decided to follow and join us for off-roading and camping in the very cold desert of Sharjah (the emirate beside Dubai). We stayed out in the desert for more than 12 hours, including the dune bashing part. I was back in Dubai before 2PM the next day. Salutations to Mam Elma who had to hurry back to Abu Dhabi because she had to work at 2PM that day for a college event. Buti na lang mabilis tumakbo si Dora c/o Hash Brown. :)

Here's Coach Ruel, my uber-addicted-to-off-roading friend and the Paeng Nepomuceno of UAE. Hehe. His weapon of choice for off-roading: a Jeep Grand Cherokee. His name is Jeepy. Creative dba?! Hehe.

And here we are, Coach's off-roading recruits. Pero panggulo lang naman kami ni Mam Elma dyan, si Hashen talaga ang off-roader, with the support of bunsoy Alquin. Hashen's weapon of choice (and girlfriend?!) is Dora, the Ford Explorer. :p

Let the photo dump begin! (Halata bang naka-tatlong jacket ako?! Hihi. Brrrrr!)

As usual, hindi mawawala ang burst shots.

Here's a video of Jeepy while playing at the highest peak of the desert.

And here's a version of that video with me screaming and woohooing!

Special thanks to Coach Ruel for letting us experience off-roading with the pros. More to come!


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