Sandstorm galore

“In a well-ordered universe...camping would take place indoors.” 
― Morgan Matson, Since You've Been Gone

Two weeks of preparation and no sandstorm can rain on our parade. I went to Saadiyat with Ate Janet, Kuya Steve, Melody, Sheila and Mark.

Kuya Steve and Mark did all the grilling.

We had grilled corn, tamban, seabream, ensalada, halaan and danggit courtesy of Kuya Steve and Ate Janet.

Ate Janet gave us the idea to count the airplanes passing above our heads. We started counting from 7 PM and ended at 1:00 AM and we had a total of 93 airplanes. That's an average of 15.5 airplanes landing in Abu Dhabi International Airport per hour.

Lately, I've been liking doing yoga poses outdoors. Here I did the lotus and the reverse prayer. The third photo is the "Rian" pose.

Here are our images posing as the rejected Victoria's Secret angels. Hahaha!


Mine is yet to come. :)

The whole gang.

Four hours later, Mam Elma and her housemates Hashen and Alquin came to join us. No pictures though. Afterwards, we hanged out at the Marina breakwater where we had hot chocolate.

I'm thankful that I keep meeting people who enjoy the same things as I do. Here's to more outdoorsy activities for the rest of the year! Cheers!

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