Premature weekend

Nope, there was no holiday these past few days. I had acute pharyngitis with fever so I was compelled to take 2 days off for recovery. Sick leave + weekend = 4-day weekend!

For my first day of sick leave (Wednesday), I pretty much slept the whole day except for a few hours of nourishment. A friend who works as a nurse dropped by to administer an IV drug that helped me a lot with some symptoms. Then Melody came by evening to accompany me to the nearest clinic for consultation.

The next day, I thought I'd be in better shape. I had to defer my classes in the other campus so I can continue my rest. By afternoon, I decided to take a short walk to catch some fresh air and headed straight to Melody's crib for lunch. We were both on sick leave that day and our "private" nurse Milo joined us for lunch. Now it may look like we're not sick at all, but we are. We are! The virus is just not that powerful to dampen our kakulitan.

 Melody prepared sinigang na tilapia, corn on the cob and fresh watermelon. I missed home-cooked sinigang. I know how to cook a few Filipino dishes but I'm not that confident to make one. Let's just say that I have a history of creating palpak Filipino dishes. Hehe.

Sound trip, sound trip, sound trip... Lunch turned into merienda and merienda turned into dinner, with just 30 minutes rest in between. Hahaha!

We ended the day by enjoying a cup of tea at our own version of FRIENDS' Central Perk, our usual spot at Second Cup Millenium Hotel.

The next day, another improptu beach trip happened. And I got to use my new favorite shirt. Hehe. I usually don't buy clothes when they're not on sale (kuripot talaga) but because the message of this shirt is sooo spot on, I had to take it!

Pardon our kabaliwan. It could have been the effect of all the meds we took. Haha.

Nurse Janet and Kuya Steve joined our small picnic by the beach later that afternoon.

And you already have an idea of how we capped off our night. Second Cup!

Last day of my 4-day weekend: Chinese delivery, guitar jamming session and hair treatment day at the salon...

...and Second Cup!

Fully recharged for the week ahead! Happy workweek everyone!


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