Dauntless for a day

Outdoor adventure, elevated obstacle course, zip line, rafting, tsunami waves and more.

My BIL Orlando leading the way. After finishing the obstacle course, he confessed that he really wanted to back out before he even started the challenge. Good thing he didn't, or else my brother and I wouldn't have gone through the course as well. Can you see me waving to the camera?

Harsh tag buwis buhay!

Here's my big bro enjoying the zip.

My very brave niece, holding her breath during her take-off. She's only 6 years old and this! When she got down, she shouted "This is the awesomest ride ever!"

My turn. Flying frog lang ang peg!

BIL being wacky on the line.

Planning what we'll do next (kayak? wakeboard? rafting?)

The happy bunny.

Another buwis buhay act: rafting. Here's the training part, no rapids yet.

Easy one. It gets harder, and steeper.

Chaos! We almost capsized. We were jarred so hard by the waves that the captain and I ended up switching places without willing it.

Wiped out!

Our rafting team: Stranger 1, my BIL, our captain, stranger 2, big bro. We were highly-commended by our captain, saying we're such a good team. Competitive po ang mga members nyo! Haha.

We ran into Tita Sheila, Tito Edwin, cousin Jan Michael, Tito Aris and daughters. Hooray for unplanned meet ups!

The tsunami wave pool.

After Wadi Adventure, we went up Jebel Hafeet so my brother can see the border of UAE and Oman and some other stuff.

Til our next adventure! Sayonara!

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