Caloric intake = caloric expenditure

Temperature's continuously dropping on this side of the world. Weather's perfect for a little picnic in the park. While watching Manong Steve and Ms Janet play tennis, Ludy and I prepared our picnic mat and food. After dinner, we did all sorts of things that we could do to burn all the calories we consumed. We did 2 rounds of high-intensity interval training which included plank, side plank, push-ups, burpees, bicycle crunches, etc (I forgot the rest). We also did skipping rope, a very short yoga sesh (sun salutation and some basic poses) and a fake game of luksong tinik. :p

Chinky-eyed me with Melody, emo Steve, goofy Ms. Janet, our tree pose, luksong tinik kuno

Winter is almost almost almost here. I'm expecting more picnic sessions to come. :D


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