Maldives... Male City Tour

By foot, you can tour the entire Male City in less than half-a-day. We went to the city via public boat and arrived at around 5pm (20 minutes from Hulhumale). But our tour guide was so late that we started our walk past 6pm already. We only got to see half of the city which is fine by me because all I wanted to see was the city proper. We started by walking along the jetty port and we saw a lot of government offices.

The president's office is situated along the busiest street in the city, near the docks. Walang etchos etchos na off-limits to public. It was closed that day in observance of Eid Al Fitr.

The Friday Mosque -- the oldest mosque in Maldives.

A commercial building in Male. Took a photo because it kinda reminded me of the government schools in Abu Dhabi (Zayed Uni, Abu Dhabi Uni and Khalifa Uni).

Public park.

Medhu Ziyaarai.

The oldest "call to prayer" tower in Male.

The gate of Muliaage, the presidential residence.

This constantly monitors level of pollutants in the air. Do we even have this in Pinas?

Batang kalye... or dalagang kalye?

The biggest mosque in Male. It can hold 5,000 people during prayer time.

If I remember correctly what our tour guide had said, the building at the back of the flagpole is the Maldives Police Station and...

...this is the Office of the Military (I hope I'm right, I was too busy taking pictures to pay attention to our tour guide's monologue).

Map of the very tiny Malé City.

Fishing boats.

Local market.

Dried fish.

She sells seashells by the seashore. Repeat 10x... aaaand faster!

Last batch of Maldives photo coming right up! :)

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