Maldives... Hulhumale Beach

Hulhumale Island is an artificial island where some of the Maldivian locals reside under the government housing project. It is also where the Ibrahim Nasir International Airport is located.

Because Maldives is a Muslim country, our tour guide warned us that we cannot wear bikinis at the shores of the local island, which explains why I'm wearing my knee-suit in this photo. Bikinis are allowed in private resorts only.

They have these giant floaters near the breakwater. The floaters were assembled to look like a swimming pool. Genius, isn't it?! I saw one guy doing laps at the left side of the "pool". What a perfect way to start your day. Just head to the beach and swim. It won't even cost you a thing!

Ze water is just incredible!

Watching the waves challenge the breakwater.

I saw some local teenage guys sprinting against each other. They're really good. I asked if I could join their race. They allowed me and I won. But I felt like they went easy on me because (a) I'm a woman and (b) I'm a tourist (or both).

Done. Walked back to the shore and got ready for brunch.

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