Maldives... Centara Ras Fushi

Another fantastic resort in Maldives. My vote goes to this island for having the best infrastructure among all the places we visited in Maldives. I enjoyed hanging the most at the pool bar. The night/liquor bar came in a close second, and the restaurant, third.

My favorite pool bar with unlimited cocktail drinks. Pardon my hair, it was really windy that day.

I could stay this way forever. Haha.

The liquor bar with a nice central view.

Last night in Maldives!

I'm already daydreaming of my next destination. Still brainstorming where to go.

A quote from one of my favorite bloggers: "I work so that I can travel and I travel so that I gain inspiration to work again." -- Alessa Lanot

This trip is for all the hardworking people I know, esp my expat family and friends. You all deserve to visit this beautiful paradise!

(This is what I wrote as my FB album description for my Maldives trip. Wishing you all a happy and safe travel!)

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