Post-IELTS eat

I took my IELTS academic module test last June 28. I didn't tell anyone about the exact date of my examination except for one person. I was afraid that if I announce it to everyone, I'll get pretty embarrassed if I fail. Then a friend who's a communication expert explained that no one actually fails the IELTS exam. You just get the IELTS band score that you deserve. Apparently, I wasn't so keen in reading the IELTS rules. Hehe.

After finishing all 4 modules (listening, reading, writing and speaking), I headed to Corniche to join watch my friends play badminton. I didn't play that day because I was wearing a nice black dress. I immediately explained to them that I just came from my IELTS exam which was held in Hilton Hotel Abu Dhabi. I didn't want to look like a lost sheep inside Hilton that's why I dressed up a bit.

Every little good thing deserves a celebration. So we did a post-IELTS snacking at Johnny Rocket's where we enjoyed a quick entertainment from their dancing staff. Hehe.

Two weeks after, I received my the results and I got an IELTS band score of 8 in a scale of 0-9, with 9 being the highest. Yey, me!

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