Month-long thanksgiving

Naks, month-long daw! Parang artista lang, month-long birthday celebration kuno. Anyway, it wasn't my birthday last month but I sure did a lot of dining out with friends and family as a way to give thanks because....

I got promoted after 10 months at my new job. Yey! Sooo sooo happy! Here are my photos while having iftar with family, friends and everyone who were part of this milestone.

07.10_with soul sibs and Abu Dhabi peeps at Souk at Qaryat Al Beri Noodle House and Kuttab

07.13_with FCHS and IAT peeps at M&B Mushrif

07.17_with the Barshans at Danial's Restaurant and Caribou

07.18_with Dubai family at Red Lobster

07.22_with Abu Dhabi family at M&B Corniche


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