Agemono with the power couple

To celebrate Ate Janet's birthday, I invited her and husband Steve (hereafter referred to as "the power couple") for a power dinner at Agemono. I've been wanting to try their buffet since early this year because I've been hearing good reviews about it from both my Dubai and Abu Dhabi peeps.

By the way, Ate Janet is our school nurse. She's the one who takes care of me whenever I have severe migraine attacks. This power couple also invited me to my first Christmas party here in AUH.

Christmas 2013 at the power couple's house

And they are the ones responsible for this transformation:

My student's wedding

I am NOT sorry that I ruined their diet that night we went to Agemono. It's the least I can do to thank them for all the support and sibling love they extended to me during my adjustment period here in Abu Dhabi.

So why do I call them the power couple? Well, aside from the fact that they can cook great dishes together and doll-up someone just like that, they're commitment to stay fit and healthy is super amazing. They've turned into pescatarianism a few months ago. Everyday, they wake up at 4 in the morning (yes, 4 freaking AM!) to go to the nearest park and play tennis and/or jog. Galing, right?! They've also committed to eating no-rice meals every night , but my existence have actually ruined their regimen twice last week, with our Agemono trip last Sunday and our Binalot dinner last Wednesday. Again, I am not sorry! Haha!

Thanks Ate Janet and Kuya Steve. Til our next food trip (or out-of-country trip?! nyahahaha!)...

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