My month of May in a nutshell...

So here are my extra curricular activities for the month of May. Photos of TWO tequila nights (16th and 23rd) are not available. No need to flaunt our quirky side. Hehe.

Had a fantastic weeknight with Dragana and Melody. Melody is the new addition to our department, our very reliable laboratory technician. We had early dinner at Lemongrass which became Dragana's instant favorite Thai restaurant when I brought her there last February. We did a little shopping. Yes, shopping! Because that's what ladies would usually do if you put her inside this consumerism box called shopping mall! Dragana didn't help at all with my holding back. She kept pushing me to buy all the items that I tried on and looked good on me.

Ikea day with Melody. This was definitely not a good week for my pocket. Haha. It's hard to resist consumerism in this country. You need an "un-shopping" buddy--someone who will stop you from buying too much stuff. But I'd like to justify that everything I bought from Ikea is a necessity (tseh, necessity daw oh, magtigil!).

Donald in Abu Dhabi. This deserves a separate post.

Movie marathon at Al Wahda Mall Cinemas. Dimple and I watched not one, not two, but THREE movies straight. First, we went for Godzilla at 7:45 PM, then Maleficent at 10:15 PM and lastly, X-MEN at 12:30 AM. This was a first for me, 3 movies in 3 different cinemas in one night. I think we got home almost 3 AM na. My head was floating when I woke up early that morning because I had to go to Dubai for...

Gab's dedication. Separate post, soon. My sunshine is nakasimangot dito but cute pa rin sya for me. Hehe.

-- End of May --

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