Random 8 #2

My Masdar City signature during my first visit.

Sometimes, I do have more chocolates in my bag than things that are considered necessities for a teacher like me. One good example is having a pen. Someone/anyone who is in dire need of a pen: "May I borrow your pen, please?" Me: "Uhm, nada. Want some chocolates?"

I miss being a student. I'm the kind who concentrates best when I'm listening to music and eating snacks. This was taken 2 months ago during the last session of my Level 1 Arabic. I used to do my review sessions at this coffee shop across the Arabic School where Dimple and I enrolled.

Mini softdrinks in can. Cute.

You know those annoying spam from unknown numbers who kept on bugging you about claiming your prize, your health insurance card, or anything? Last year, I started replying to some of those spammers just for the heck of it. Hihi.

One day, I was cleaning my apartment and saw this 5 centavo coin on lying on its side. I don't know how it happened. I was amazed at this rare incident. If you're wondering why I have Philippine coins lying on my floor, it's because I threw coins in every corner of my apartment the day I moved in. Yep, #tradition.

Ang firetruck na naka-steroids... contentwise!

Forrest Gump said: My momma always said, "Life was like a box of chocolates. You never know what you're gonna get." True enough, that's what I experienced with a box of Patchi. There's a different surprise each time I pick a chocolate.

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