Packed lunch

My siblings and I never got used to bringing packed lunch to school during our elementary and high school days. We always come home from school during our mid-day break to have lunch with our parents, except on rainy days when they would expect traffic congestion during lunch. You might think it's time-consuming with all the commute from school to home and back to school again but it actually wasn't that hard. It's very much feasible in the town where I grew up. It's like every destination is just 5-minutes away from where you are and tricycle rides are literally everywhere. Ganun!

I remember asking my parents how come my other classmates get to stay in school during lunch and eat their baon (or canteen food) there. My mother said they prefer us having lunch at home because that way, our food is still warm and the most important part is we get to eat our meals together. Actually, when I saw this TV ad a few years back (if I'm not mistaken by Lucky Me) where they encourage that every member of the family should be present during dinner because it fortifies the bond, at the back of my head I said "huh, my parents did it better, we had 3 meals in one day eaten with all family members present!". Haha. I know, I know, I'm too proud. I'm not concluding that we have a better family bond than those families who only had one or 2 family meals-a-day because I know that a setup like ours won't be possible among school kids in big cities unless isang tumbling at isang split lang ang layo ng bahay mo sa school mo. All I'm saying is that looking back, having those family meals together was indeed nice. 

And since I never got used to packed lunches until I had to make them in college, I have to say this is my most favorite among all the things my mother did when she visited UAE last month: my baon to work.

Happy mother's day.

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