Pre-spring break bonding

L-R: Ms. Muna, Ms. Annie Rosita, Manuela, Dr. Nesreen, Ms. Nathira, Ms. Nada, Mohamad, Nelson, Dr. Basil, Dr. Nesrin, Ms. Lama; Bottom: me, Veronica
I mingled with lecturers from other departments (Nursing, General Requirements Unit and Library) last Thursday before we closed our campus for spring break. We had buffet lunch at one of Mafraq Hotel's restaurants and just like our food, we had unlimited fun! Dr. Basil, the head of Nursing Department, and Nelson, a lecturer from the same department, were the main comedians that day. Terrific sense of humor!

We all agreed that we should make this a constant thing, just like when we had our BBQ party on our last day before winter break last December.

Til next!

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