Turning 60

I will be talking about the tale of last weekend in 2 time zones: GMT +4 (mine) and GMT +8 (my mother's). It was an ordinary weekend for me wherein I spent most of Friday sleeping+chores and spent Saturday with friends.

For last weekend's book clubbing, we stayed at that spot in Corniche where we usually spread our picnic mats and lie down. I must admit though, I didn't get to read anything because I was busy setting up my mother's facebook event invite for her 60th. Yep, she turned 60 yesterday (work day for me here in UAE but still a weekend in Pinas). I was quite a bit sad because it's the first family milestone I missed since I moved out of Pinas (excluding holidays). Of course I'm very happy for her. She had lots of visitors and she was quite surprised with the turnout of the event. It just means she has lots of friends and she is a blessing to a lot of people.

Last year, when she celebrated her 59th, she knew I wasn't coming home because I workload was quite heavy that week. But I managed to surprise her and stayed in Mindoro even for less than 24 hours.

This year, even if Ate Gayda and I were far away, we still managed to get ourselves involved in the preparation process. My sister did the tarpaulin layout and I did the online invite.

We did a little throwback on her FB timeline when I posted my Grade 4 picture with her and when my BIL posted our Dubai family picture in 2009.

I told Mama over the phone earlier that I'm excited to turn 30. She told me she looks forward to her 65th, 70th, and 80th as well. Now, I can't help but wonder about the same thing. With that, I will end this post by saying a remix of what my bestfriends and I usually tell each other whenever we're about to face a new beginning: Head on, headstrong... onwards... to the future and beyond! Hihi.

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linda said...

wow saludo na ako talaga syo....thank u again for this....love love love....ingat lagi...hugs and kisses...ayaw ko na isipin na pareho na kau malayo sa akin naiiyak lng ako...