The sembreak that was

Day 1, January 31
Slept-in. What a nice way to start my sembreak. That night, I went shopping for office clothes at G2000 with Dimple, Tita Len and Aisa. Thankfully I was able to find a blazer that is not black. I'm trying my best not to fall back to my usual habit of building my office clothes based on the monotonous combo of black and white. I love black and white because the combination is effortless and timeless. They go together with almost everything. I probably got this from my sister who is such an avid fan of blacks. But she's also the one who told me that it's high time other colors pop into my wardrobe.

We had a very late dinner (past 10pm I think) at Marrybrown where we had a little surprise for Tita's birthday.

Tita Len making a wish

Day 2, February 1
Tita Len's birthday! Woke up early for a nice Filipino breakfast at Panaderia sponsored by Tita Len and Dimple. #silog #silog #silog We were with Coach and William who were part of the "moving team" for that day's moving stint. Dimple, Aisa and Tita Len had been enduring for quite some time already the mishaps in their old apartment so they decided to move out. But not out, as in out out of the villa, they just moved next door, still within the same building. It was like isang split ang layo. Literal! We literally just pushed their things from the old unit to the new one. Hehe. It was a fun day but at the middle of all the conundrum, I had to go home to spend some virtual time with someone whom I won't be able to talk to for a very long time. Thankfully, Dimple understood how much it meant so she excused me from the rest of the moving tasks.

Day 3, February 2
Originally, I planned to wake up at 6am because I wanted to line up early at Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research (MOHESR) to inquire about my equivalency papers but I ended up waking at 10am. Haha! I left home 10:45, rode a cab and finished what I needed from MOHESR all in under10 minutes. I have never done something like this in any of the government offices of our country. Come on Pinas, bangon. Anong masasabi mo sa 42-year old country na'to?

I went to the Philippine Embassy for more papers. It was my first time to be there and it felt familiar because, well basically everyone in there is Filipino, sa isip, sa salita at sa gawa. By 11:30am, my business for the day was done.

Day 4 to 7, February 3 to 6
I did a super combination of sleep, cook, eat, clean the house, jog, yoga, and Doctor Who! I really really like Amelia Pond and Rory Williams as the Doctor's companions. It's different from how I liked Donna as the 10th Doctor's companion. This couple is just oh so cute in so many ways.

from here
Day 8, February 7
Spent this day prepping for Dimple's housewarming dinner at her place. We went to Daiso where we bought my housewarming gift for her. They are "various little items", in Tagalog, mga anik-anik, that are useful for home improvement. Then off to Lulu for groceries. We started cooking for dinner at around 3pm and guests arrived at 6-ish. It was a fun night even if saling pusa lang ako sa barkadahan nila. Hehe. Fun, fun, fun!

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