Ikea to Corniche

Last day of sembreak! Dimple, Coach and I went to my happy place. The one I consider my Disneyland--where the magic lives! Yep, Ikea or any other furniture or home improvement place. Those are my happy places!

I bought scented candles and a bookcase... and a couple more things. Hihi. :D

This is the point where I literally made Ikea my playground.

And since our book club time in the morning was eaten by our time in Ikea, we decided to have a late afternoon picnic at the park in Corniche. Dimple planned to run for an hour in preparation for her half-marathon next weekend but didn't get to do so because of the very enticing smell of Tazza's fried chicken; nor did we open our books. We just sat down, ate and talked.

Then I received a call from the other side of the world. It was like a breath of fresh air. :)

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Rian G. said...

Hehe. Ever supportive din itong si coach. Nainis pa sya saken nung sinabi kong nadidiri ako sa inaasal ko. Hahaha. Sya pa ang nagpoint out na normal naman talaga un. Ang cool tlga ni coach.