Glasshouse, Hilton Dubai Creek

Had dinner with sister, BIL and kiddos at Glasshouse last Thursday, a night before couples flocked restaurants for the annual hearts day. I rode the bus from Abu Dhabi to Dubai right after I came back to the city from my last class.

Once again, buffet-trip. What I ate in no particular order: Seafood thermidore, beef zuirichoise, grilled salmon, tuna and mussels, spinach and blue cheese lasagne, lobster, mussels and shrimp cold cuts, medium-rare beef, mango tapioca and cheesecake.

The very cute Estanislao family.

Thanks for the dinner! Til next food/buffet-trip!


linda said...

sarap nman food nio....miss u all...

Rian G. said...

We miss you too Lola, punta ka na dito. :)