Dome, Burjuman

Hearts day dinner at Dome, Burjuman. Before this, I accompanied Miel to her piano lesson at Wafi Mall. After her class, I told her I'm so hungry and asked her if she knows of any restaurant in the mall. She said, "I know where we can buy food Ninang, just follow me". So I did follow her, and guess where she led me to? Marks and Spencer! Why? Because she said she wants to have their choco marshmallows so she brought me there so I could pay for it. Galeng noh?! Naisahan nya ako dun. Gutom pa rin ako. We went to Burjuman afterwards where we met my sister and BIL for dinner, with the cutie cutie Gabo of course. He's 7.5 freaking kilos na. Parang dalawang Jasmine rice na ang dala ko pag buhat ko sya. Hihi.

A proud daddy, a princess and a prince.

Join si Gab sa photobooth slash photoshoot in the elevator. Miel is busy finishing her froyo.

Yummy seafood pasta, mushroom-spinach soup and spicy-chicken pasta.

Did you notice that whenever I'm in Dubai with my sister, it's always about food? Hahaha. #truestory They drove me to the bus station right after our dinner. I was back in Abu Dhabi by midnight.

Til next!


linda said...

sobra cute nman ng gab na yan....kakagigil....sweet young lady u guys...

Rian G. said...

Pumunta na daw kasi kayo ditto sabi ni Gabo. Hehe.