Building Laiva

This is the very first Ikea woodwork that I built on my own. It's a bookcase but I used it as a kitchen shelf instead.

This is how it looks after building it up. It now holds my tea collection, my cutlery, cooking spices, items that cannot be in the fridge but cannot be inside the cupboard either and infrequently used kitchen stuff like blender, electric kettle, rice cooker (yep, I don't cook rice, I only do cook rice whenever I have people coming over).
Photo from Ikea website
I am so gonna dread moving into a new place knowing that in just half-a-year, I was able to accumulate stuff that's actually good enough for a couple or a small family. I think my happy-living-solo life is becoming completely out of context. Hihi. :p Oh well, Purell!

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