Book Club goes to Yas Island Mangroves

In less than 2 months since its inception, upgraded na agad ang trip ng Book and Breakfast Club na dadalawa lang naman ang members. Hahaha. Last Saturday, Dimple and I, together with our perpetual Book Club guest Coach Roel, went to Yas Island to enjoy a different view for our then-morning-now-afternoon book reading trip. And not only that, we're not just lying down on our picnic mats anymore. We invested on a few camping chairs that we can use every time we visit the park, the beach, the desert or the mountains (soon!). Good thing it was low tide that day, we got to camp under (or beside, in front?, adjacent to?) one of the medium-height trees of the mangrove.

Ready for an off-road trip? Set? Go! (Pardon my hoarse voice, I was suffering from strained vocal cords the entire week).

Incoming photo tsunami!

Til next!

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