Great shawarma time at Shawarma Time

Last week, I underwent my first classroom observation post-3 months employment. And the result and comments were very nice. The head of the department joined my case-based learning session with my students and he stayed for 30 minutes. I still get nervous whenever I'm being observed. It's like I have never done this a thousand times before. Okay, exaggerated. But we do this kind of thing once every semester in UST and not only one but at least 5 people will come in and go out of your classroom to observe you while you are conducting a lecture or lab session.

Anyway, I thought it's nice to have a small celebration even for simple things like this. I know it's not a big promotion or a raise or something, but for small happy things, thanks should be given as well. Off we (Dimple, Tita Len and Nessie) went to Shawarma Time, which according to Dimple's friend, serves the best shawarma in town.

I liked everything especially the Shawarma Fettuccine and their regular shawarma. I want to go back, as in right now, I want to go there and order that chicken shawarma and pasta! I'm so craving for it!

If you want to check out their menu, go to their lovely website

Najda Street, Executive Business Center Builiding, United Arab Emirates || +971 2 6336 633 

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