Commute Album of the Week

Eight years ago, when I was assigned to be a PT intern in Philippine Heart Center, I started the habit of reviewing music albums during my commute to the hospital because it was a 45-minute travel from my place (Sta. Mesa) to QC. The very first album that I reviewed while in transit was Incubus' Light Grenades. Each week, I posted my reviews in my Multiply account (+RIP). When I started working and moved to an apartment nearby UST, the travel time wasn't enough to finish one full album. The habit died.

Last month, I was able to do it again. With a 40-minute travel time from the city to my workplace, I listened to Sara Bareilles' The Blessed Unrest every morning, and again in the afternoon while heading back to the city, for one whole week. My choice cuts: 1000 Times, I Choose You, Chasing the Sun and Brave.

I don't write reviews anymore but it felt refreshing to be able to listen to new songs once again. These past couple of years, I kind of got stuck in my 90s playlist. Not bad but I need to listen to something new every once in a while.

After Sara Bareilles, I had One Republic's Dreaming Out Loud album. My choice cuts: All Fall Down and All We Are.

And this week, my commute album of the week is Imagine Dragons' Night Visions. I love me some indie rock!

Keep the music alive!

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