My parents' coral / jade anniversary

It's my parents' wedding anniversary today. When my sister sent her greetings to my mother "Happy 35th wedding anniversary", my mother replied "oo, 35 years na akong nagtitiis sa Papa mo". Hehe, of course my sister and I laughed!

I love my parents so much. I love how close I am to my parents that I could just talk about and discuss anything with them. Of course our openness didn't develop over night. It underwent a very long growing process, and I remember a painful phase too. But now, it's like my parents really are my BFFs.

I know people who don't like the idea of accepting their parents' friend request in Facebook. Their usual reason is "I don't want them looking into my stuff"  or "I don't want them having access to my every move" or "now I will need to limit what I post on my timeline, yargh!". I, on the other hand, feel the opposite. Lately, I find myself becoming more active in using my old old and very first FB account and most of my posts there are limited for viewing of my mother and relatives.

My father is one of my most favorite people to argue or agree with. We could go on talking for hours about cars, sports, politics, religious sectors, the Philippine government, how handsome Rafael Nadal is (haha! that's mostly me), jobs, travel, other countries, the government of other countries, our environment, livelihood and many many more. The only thing I couldn't talk about my father is my love life. And that's where my mother comes in. I could cry and cry to my mother about how I got my heart broken because of a failed relationship but I could not even mention the name of my crush to my father. Hehehe.

On being disciplinarians
I also thought before that them being strict on me and my siblings was very very unfair. And just like any other realizations (late!), it only occurred to me 4 or 5 years ago that they do have their reasons. It's all rational. I used to hate their uberly-strict rules back when we were younger. I even compare how lax other parents are and why they couldn't be like them. But seeing how stubborn and ill-mannered most kids are nowadays, I can't help but think that our society needs more parents like mine. Hehe. I am not saying they raised us perfectly and that they could do the same to all children in the world, but most parents these days are losing the concept of tough love or what we call carino brutal in Filipino as inherited from the Spanish language.

Education and Welfare
"Wala kaming ibang ipapamana sa inyo kundi ang pag-aaral nyo." If I had a square meter of farmland for each time I hear this statement from them, I'd have hectares and hectares of land by now. They never forget to remind us that our education is very important for a successful future. And even though my older brother didn't get to practice his degree, he is still in a much better ground now with all the business ventures he established with my parents. They are very patient when it comes to ensuring our welfare. Even with my younger brother who has been through a lot, they never gave up encouraging and supporting him to pursue and finish something that he really likes.


My mother was 24 when she married my father. I am now 28. I wonder when my first, second, third or 35th wedding anniversary will be. I wonder what it would be like. Can I say in a jokingly manner that "it has been 35 years since I started enduring the presence of my husband"? Haha! I know it will be bittersweet, just like any other relationships that last. The question is, when will it start? (Tarush, ayan na, nagwowonder na ako! Syemay!)

Thank you very much Ma and Pa. We love you so much. Alam nyo yan!

(Picture taken during Mama's 60th birthday celebration, March 9, 2013. They were dancing together while a groovy song was being played on the videoke)


linda gabor said...

galing galing mo talaga anak....pinaiyak mo ako u so much....

Rian G. said...

Wahehe. Iyakin ka talaga Ma. Hehe. :p