Christmas 2013

This isn't my first Christmas away from home but this is my first Christmas not spent with my parents and most of my siblings. Nevertheless, I'm glad to have spent it with my sister, her family and in-laws.

Christmas Eve

Top, left to right: Sam, Kuya Jojo (Stah's brother) and wife Ate Amy, moi, my sister Gayda, Gab and husband Stah; Bottom: Bryan and Miel

For noche buena, we had palabok, peach ref cake (made by yours truly, hehe), pata tim, chicken sisig, lechon kawali and fruits.

Christmas Day

We went to Dubai Mall for the following activities: ice skating, movie (for the kids) and chat time (for the adults).

The kiddos: Miel, Bryan, Trisha, Gab, Arvin and Sam

First stop: ice skating.

After an hour of icy experience, we dropped the kiddos off to the cinema. They watched The Hobbit: Desolation of Smaug while the rest of us chatted and played with Gab. They were teasing him with burger, fries and softdrinks. I think he had a lot of fun smelling those things. No solid food yet, my dear. Not for another 3 months, and definitely not those kinds of food. :)

After the movie, we drove to Chili's along Sheikh Zayed Road where we had a sumptuous Christmas dinner.

Kuya Jojo and family stayed a bit longer at my sister's place for coffee and tea. Ate Goyi and family stayed the night and left early the next morning to drive back to Abu Dhabi.

For someone who is a first-time expat, it was indeed a happy holiday for me. Many thanks to the Estanislao family! I miss you Ma, Pa, Kuya Sid and Kev. :)

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