Chill chill lang!

My sister gave me a very nice gift for Christmas: a trip to the spa! I was so excited for the massage because it has been months since my last. Spa services are not cheap here in UAE. I suddenly missed Ascend in Banawe QC where you can get a 60-minute full body massage for only Php 250. Hehe. And let us not forget Thewi Thai and Balinese Palace, also along Banawe St.

Anyway... Moving on... Present time... My sister and I went to Royal Ascot Hotel where Chill Spa is located, at the rooftop! The ambiance was truly relaxing. It really prepares you for the whole spa experience.

While waiting for our designated masseuses, the receptionist suggested we go for a swim first but it was freaking cold out there with the spa being on the rooftop of the hotel, not to mention the temperature outside at this time of the year.

We decided to start right away with the body scrub. Then my sister went to "bake" herself inside the sauna while I showered off the beads. I tried to resist falling asleep during the entire massage session but I failed when the masseuse reached my head. After the whole session ended, we were like jellos. But we still managed to do a photo-op on our way out of the spa. Hehe.

Thanks sis for the relaxing treat!

Chill Spa Royal Ascot Hotel || Bank St., Bur Dubai || +971 4 508 8329

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