Book date with Miel

One of my weirdest and most irrational fears in life is seeing a child who doesn't like books. I'm glad my niece isn't one of those kids who disregard the wonders a book can bring them. Before the year ended, I brought her to The Book World by Kinokuniya. I let her pick the books.

She decided to have the Tagalog set of flash cards because she wants to be better at it. Last week, I asked her to translate "The monkey is eating a banana." to Filipino and she said "Ang pagong ay kumakain ng saging." So you get my point why she needed it. Other than that, she also picked a princess book with a projector that shows film clips of each story.

We also went for a milk tea...

... played with the musical poles (lovely!)...

... and went to the winter castle of Dubai Mall.

It was our first time to go out just the two of us and surprisingly we didn't fight. Yes, it's a known fact that Miel and I always fight. Hehe.

Til next!

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