The UAE Parkour Team

And just like that, I'm 2 months old here in AUH already. I couldn't stress enough how much I'm loving my stay here. Back when I was still in the Philippines, ever since I started working, I hardly get any time to exercise let alone move my arse out of my couch during weekends. But now, I'm back to running at least 2x a week at Corniche. Sometimes I get to insert high-intensity interval training whenever I feel like it, inside my small apartment. There's yoga as well, plus the thing that my buddies love doing, badminton (also at Corniche). Earlier this week, I found myself browsing through websites of water polo clubs here in AUH. It's been ages since I last played water polo but I can still vividly recall the friendly match we did between members of our provincial swim team. I'd definitely want to go back to swimming if the opportunity presents itself (meaning if I find a pool where I could train).

My move here helped me to slowly re-establish a fitness regimen doing all the things that I love to do and hopefully, new things that I would love to try, one of which is Parkour. I'm quite hooked into the concept of Parkour that I even read this manga called RUN (Remember Ur Nature) which is basically about Parkour.

I have posted on my social media accounts things about parkour. One of my favorites:

I also bookmarked and followed Parkour Nations at Vimeo. I have also watched several YouTube videos portraying basic skills needed for Parkour.

I've seen movies that portray Parkour moves in it like Banlieue 13 (French film), Speed Pioneer (Chinese film), Casino Royale, some parts of Transformers 3 (Shia Labeouf did some parkour stunts at the latter part of the film) and many more. I've seen a couple of documentaries about it like Jump London and Jump Britain.

When I was in Manila, I got in touch with one of the members of the Parkour team through FB. They do they're weekly jam every Sundays at different spots within the Metro (Rizal Park, UP Diliman, etc.) But due to hectic schedule, the thought of me joining them didn't materialize.

Few months back, I found the website of a team of highly esteemed traceurs in UAE. I bookmarked it, followed them in Twitter and FB and I said to myself that if ever I get a job and settle in UAE, I would definitely want to learn from them, if time permits. Guess what?! Earlier today, I got to finally meet them and see them in action. Below are some of the videos I took while they were doing their training / presentation during The Walk for Life 2013 at Yas Marina Circuit (yes, third weekend in a row, I'm still in Yas Island... I better think of a new place to go next weekend!).

Here's Steve, Hesham, Zach, Zak and Iyad doing their moves.

The actual first part of their performance:

Here's another angle of their performance part 2.

Big thanks to one of their coaches Mr. Steve Moss for patiently answering my questions earlier (and tweets from way back) regarding their upcoming jamming sessions and future plans of holding classes for those who are interested. More power to the UAE Parkour team!

If you want to know more about them, you may follow them here, here, here and here.

Til next!

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