Random 8

My Red Cross Youth Council student officers for academic year 2012-2013: JC Obnial, Nezie Tumaneng, Shane Landicho and Angeline Cuenco.

Our 4th year students (BSPT 2014) playing Mary went to Market for extra points in Orthotics and Prosthetics Laboratory. :)

 Babe in the bukid. One of the many piglets in my brother's piggery. 

 A seven-year old iPod classic and a booming egg speaker (small but uber loud!).

That time when my brother's cow just went berserk, ran and slipped alongside one of the fish ponds. They got him out safely after a couple of minutes, not by lifting him off but he walked all the way to the end of the pond and jumped! I've never seen a cow leaped that high until that day!

 Mother and father's bicycle were transferred from the city to Naujan. It made going around the farm much easier.

 The neighborhood where I grew up. A lot had changed. Good change. :)

That dried shrimp with sesame and green thingy that a former friend gave to me. I think this was a delicacy from Vietnam or Thailand (not so sure). I really liked it.

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