PH Azkals vs. UAE team

Last Saturday, after our short badminton and jogging session at Corniche, we went to see the International Friendly Match between PH Azkals and UAE Team held at Al Nahyan Stadium, which is like isang tumbling at isang split from my apartment. There was no admission fee for the event.

It's amazing how the Filipino expats got to fully-occupy half of the football stadium and a little portion of the Emiratis' side as well. The amount of support was overflowing. Compare the two sides of the stadium (picture below). Our side was fully-occupied while the other side's almost empty except for a few young Emiratis cheering for their team (not seen here). It's funny how the visitors outnumbered the host. Oh well, it shouldn't come as a surprise because even with the total population of UAE, only 20% are Emiratis. The rest are expats.

Unfortunately, the team failed to make a goal. The Emiratis won with 4 goals. We were expecting the Azkals would make at least ONE goal, just to make the crowd go wild. Maybe they were tired from the long flight. :/

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