IAT-FCHS' UAE National Day Celebration 2013

We held an advanced celebration of the UAE National Day today in our campus. A memo came to our email two days ago stating that:

So I did. I brought an abaya and sheila that I borrowed from the AlcaƱices sisters. But when I got to school, one of the Emirati ladies working for the student services division brought 2 extra abayas. I tried one on and she instantly liked it on me so much so that she told me to keep it as a gift. What a nice lady.

Before I changed, my colleague Dragana and I went around the lobby to take photos at some of the cultural displays.

Here's my Emirati transformation. Hikhik.

Here I am with Nelson, an Adjunct Lecturer of Griffith University (Australia) and Nursing Lecturer at IAT-FCHS, who is also enjoying his Emirati transformation as much as I do.

I had my pictures taken outside the building too. I can't open my eyes because of the sun.

Going back inside, the ceremony started with young Emiratis dancing, singing and portraying their customary wedding rituals.

After the ceremony, the big bosses had a customary meal at the lobby with Arabic food and all.

More photos...
 Dragana, our librarian Ms. Veronica and me

 Veronica and I flaunting our UAE flagged-face :p

 Physiotherapy students Khawla and Fatima

 Colleagues from the Nursing and Pharmacology Department

 Veronica with the students

 Najwan (Biology Lecturer) with students selling hand-painted cups and mugs, home-made cupcakes and chocolates for the benefit of cancer patients.

 Hand-painted shirts for sale.

 With HR Department Head and Pharmacy Lecturer, Dr. Fahmi Tarmoum

 With Dr. Prasad

Arabic letters on the poster say: PHYSIOTHERAPY :)


linda gabor said...

ganda ah....taba mo na eh....

Rian G. said...

Hehehe. Ganun po talaga pag regular ang tulog at ndi stressed-out at maayos ang exercise regimen. :) Healthy. :p