Dimple's 28th

Today is Dimple's 28th birthday. I really really look up to this lady (naks lady na ang tawag, dati e babaysot lang, hehe!) because of how she makes everyone around her feel blessed and extremely happy. I am incredibly blessed to have her in my inner circle and I couldn't thank her enough for the wisdom, the care and the sisterhood that she's been offering since high school. And just like all her birthdays that had passed, I only have one wish for her. Patience. Alam mo yan teh! Happy birthday Dimps! Friendship, to the future and beyond! *zoooom*

Ze birthday girl
Ze cake
Ze soul sister, moi
Ze real sister, Aisa
Ze AUH family: Tita Len, moi, Tita Meg, Roel, Gene


Dimple said...

Thank you very much sibling from another mother :)
Asus, kala ko naman ang wish ay *uhmmm*. Haha! Pero yeah, I neeeddd moooreee patience..
Salamat ulit sa lahat lahat! :)

Rian G. said...

Anything for you teh! :)