I like how my soul sister Dimple is so spontaneous when it comes to celebrating even the simplest of things. Like today. There's no special occasion whatsoever but since today is 11-12-13 and it only happens once every century, she thought of "let's do something, a simple dinner perhaps, to celebrate it". So we had dinner at this Chinese restaurant called Oasis. I used up my "red meat cheat day" for the month of November. I don't feel guilty or whatever. The beef was sooo good! Everything was so good in that restaurant. No wonder it's one of Dimple's favorite restos.


Earlier today, my colleague Dragana and I decided to eat our lunch under the sun. To explain why, here's a little something about our workplace: Our building is like a freezer. Even if we request for the security peeps to lower the AC, it's not possible to do so. Apparently, there was a faulty installation of AC controls inside each office in that they didn't put any! Haha. That new building is so so nice in every way except for the fact that it is a gigantic freezer for human beings! I don't like that we can't control the thermostat of each office and room. Once the thermostat is set for the whole building, it has to be maintained at a high level to ensure that all corners of the building are well-ventilated. Everyday, most of us would always come to work in layers of clothes. My suits couldn't even save me from shivering. So everyday, Dragana and I would always look forward to our lunch break because it's the only time we get to go out of the building and bathe ourselves under the rays of the sun. The cafeteria is located inside a separate building at the back of ours. The cafeteria is a freezer as well, a mini version of our building I must say. Dragana suggested we eat outside the cafeteria for a change and I remembered the perfect place for us to have lunch. There's this trellis just outside our building with benches under it. It's like having lunch at the park.

Yesterday, I started my "bring my packed lunch to work" project. It was successful. But today, even if I brought lunch, I still felt the urge to buy something from the cafeteria. It's because their food choices are so healthy and yummy. I bought what I usually buy from them every day: fish, fresh salad and potatoes.

Today's such a good day save for one freaky incident which I will not mention here anymore because it might pose a much greater risk. I am not too worried though. I know that it will be resolved in time.


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