Starting over and loving it... part 2

When I finally arrived in AUH to start my employment, the Institute of Applied Technology (IAT) billeted me at Mafraq Hotel for 5 days. It's a company policy to provide housing for the first week particularly to new employees expatriated from outside UAE. It's to give ample time to look for accommodation and settle in the city. I never did find a new apartment in just 5 days. I'm so grateful that Dimple let me stay with her in her villa for 10 days. More about that in a separate post. Meanwhile, here's the room where I stayed in Mafraq Hotel.

The new office
After my job interview, one of the panelists asked me whether I prefer to be assigned in the Abu Dhabi campus or the Al Ain campus. I chose Abu Dhabi of course because I want to be living in the same city where Dimple and my relatives are. Here is the facade of the relatively new building of FCHS Abu Dhabi. My sister, who is an architect, agreed when I told her it has a nice architecture. It's a low rise building but it's floor area is sooooo huge! There are so many unused offices and classrooms inside.

Here's my office. I share it with a lecturer from the Nursing Department, Ms. Nada. They provided me with my own extension number, a new Lenovo Thinkpad laptop, and new books. What's good about this office space is the view outside my window. It's nice to look at something green and fresh whenever you need to rest your eyes from reading and/or staring at the computer screen.

As part of the whole adjustment-to-new-life fiasco,  I hope I get to finish setting up the interior of my new apartment before October ends. My apartment hunting experience was a bittersweet one. I'm just glad I got to settle into one with the best location among all options. Til next!

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