Overnight on an abandoned island

We went to this abandoned man-made island off the coast of AUH called Lulu. It was supposed to be a major tourist spot back in the 90s with rumors of it having a Disney theme park but it was officially closed to public in 2009. They stopped the regular ferry boat transfers coming from the mainland to Lulu and back. So unless you hire a private boat, going there is impossible (except if you can swim along/across the breakwater of AUH coast). So what Aisa (Dimple's younger sister) and her workmates did was to hire 3 private boats to carry us all to Lulu Island at around 10:30pm last October 3. I think there were almost 30 of us. It took about 15-20 mins to reach the island.

Perhaps you're wondering what could have we possible done to enjoy being in this deserted island? What was our main objective why we went there? One word: halaan!

I didn't realize it was that hard to harvest this kind of seashells! Maygolay, my fingertips were heavily-nicked from all the stone turning and sand digging that we did underwater just to find these little babies. We left no stones un-turned. Naks! Pero seriously, we left no stones un-turned talaga! Haha. Kasi you'll only find them beneath the stones under water.

When we got home the next day, Tita Len cooked it ala-nilagang halaan with lots of ginger! Oh sooo yummy! Reminds me of my days in Calapan when my mother would cook sinabawang baruy (halaan is baruy in our hometown).

I don't know how much halaan Aisa's company caught but I'm pretty sure it was more than 2 buckets. They started harvesting the moment we settled in the island until the break of dawn! Ha! Dimple and I got hungry around 2:30 am and got sleepy around 3:30 am so it pretty much explains the almost empty pink and blue buckets we brought with us. Hehe. I bet you wouldn't believe it was our ulam for 2 lunches and 1 dinner!

Dimple's friends went fishing. They caught a few pieces. I would understand, it's kind of hard to catch a fish if you're within the breakwater.

Good morning madam! Here's Dimple making an overseas call to her parents in Pinas at 6 in the morning (10am Philippine time).

Posing posing...

And here's where I slept. Yep, over the rocky shore (or should I say "shelly" shore?). We pitched a tent when we landed but no one slept in it. It got wet when we changed our clothes after the whole halaan fiasco. We didn't like the idea of changing at the shower area near the shore. It was kinda spooky.

We waited for the boat to come at exactly 10 am. They were more than an hour late. So we decided to move underneath this almost dilapidated huge hut (not in the picture) because it's better to be underneath a shade than to be fried underneath the sun rays of an equatorial region, right?!

At last, the boat came.

Headed home. Goodbye Lulu Island!

The breakwater.

 The famous flagpole of AUH as seen from the coast.



'Til next layas!

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