Day 1 of Eid break... Radisson Blu

Working for the government has a lot of perks one of which is longer holiday breaks. UAE declared Oct. 14, 15 & 16 as non-working holidays in celebration of Eid al Adha. The director of IAT declared Oct 13 to Oct 19 as break for staff and students. That means it's a weekend-to-weekend break (9 days!!!). I decided to spend some quality family time in Dubai. Right after my class last Thursday, I hopped on to a colleague's car who was headed to Sharjah. I asked her to drop me off somewhere in Dubai. Eid break officialy began! My sister did our time table for the whole Eid break and day 1 was spent filling our stomachs with 10 different cuisines at Radisson Blu Hotel.

I forgot to take photos of my other plates but that's okay. I'll just let my stomach immortalize the awesome taste of their food (ano un, wala nang digest digest?). Hehe. Their buffet area was excellently built for the enjoyment of all members of the family. They have a section where liquors and drinks of all kinds are being served (none of us went in though). I was more than satisfied to be with my beloved salmon sashimi, tempura, some Italian, Thai & Indian staple, and desserts. That's it, my stomach couldn't "stomach" it anymore. I had to stop at some point, right?!

They've got this awesome activity area for the kiddos as well where the kids can enjoy magic shows, origami, face painting (my niece didn't like the idea of paint on her face so she just asked for it to be put on her forearm), cake design, balloon shaping and many more.

 My BIL Stah, Gab, Miel and my sissie

Me and the Sheikhs

Day 2 comin' right up!


linda gabor said...

like it very much....

Rian G. said...

We wish you were here!