Nanay Lydia's 26th birthday

I went to my old apartment and visited my landlady and the kiddos. I had no idea how much I missed these people until I was with them again. As usual, my goddaughter Chloe spent the whole afternoon warming up to me again (ika nga ng mommy nya "Diesel kasi yan, matagal uminit!"). I had no problem playing with Andre as he was his usual self, the entertainer.

I feel like I'm the most boring Ninang in history! I can't even make these kids smile. :( Chloe is too serious but I'm glad that Andre's face somehow had a trace of smile in the last two pics. Natatawa daw sya sa chura ko!

Luis (left) is Ate Lucy's (the help) son. He's only 6 months old. When he woke up, I played and played with him. He is sooo round and chubby. He's so cute. :)

Nanay Lydia (3rd from right, upper right pic) is 62 years old already but still very strong and young at heart. The guests laughed when I arranged the candles of her cake as 26 instead of 62. She liked it. Isip bata daw kasi. 

To the best landlady I've ever had: thank you very much for taking good care of me while I was still staying in Musa. Thanks for being a mother to me more than a landlady. May you live a full life and enjoy the best years to come with your growing apos. Happy birthday!

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