Minsan, ako ay isang batang-kalye

A video I saw from Naoki Paradero's FB feed, captioned "Grabe, napapangiti ako habang pinapanood ko ang video na to..... Courtesy of Visit Manila Phil.site. APO HS., STAR CINEMA, RPG Metanoia and to the person/people who made this."

Langit-lupa, sikyo/sekqu, piko, holen, batong-bata, taguan, tsato, yoyo, tumbang preso, sipa, badminton. 

Growing up, I was able to experience playing all these games. Other traditional Filipino games that I remember playing include patintero/tubigan, luksong baka, luksong tinik, bahay-bahayan, nanay-tatay (a hand-clapping game), Chinese garter, 10-20, jakenpoy, pitik-bulag and teks. I also loved playing jackstone but I believe it did not originate from our country but from the Koreans. My top three favorite childhood activities were kiting, biking and breeding ducklings (itik).

I was a very active kid back then. I enjoyed hanging out with my brother's clique even if I was the only girl in the group. I would always come home before 5:00 pm, few minutes before my parents would come home from work (to avoid being scolded). I smelled of sun, sweat and sand and most of the time, I brought home a souvenir with me: a scratch mark or a bruise or both. Some of the souvenirs are still here with me as ugly scars. Hehe. Nevertheless, the times I spent as a batang-kalye  will forever be cherished.

Given the fact that we rarely never see kids playing in the streets anymore (especially in highly-urbanized areas), perhaps a game developer could translate these games into an iOS or an Android game so that kids of the new generation will, at the very least, be familiar with the concept. :D

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AnnaLyn Vida said...

Wow... di ko alam kung matatawa ako o maiiyak.. yung yoyo , i was really good at it.. dami kong koleksyon yung mga softdrinks pa ng brand namen.. thank you for sharing this video kakatuwa talaga...