Chicken Curry

This morning, before heading to the market, my mother asked me what I want for lunch. I said I want her to cook chicken curry for us. As far as I remember, she has never cooked that for us. I'm just happy she agreed to try it. However, when cooking time came, she felt sick. She had an upset stomach and she blamed my cereal drink for that. Haha. I had to take over with the cooking.

It really wasn't that hard because I used an instant curry mix from Maggi. Ha! Madaya, I know! The taste didn't disappoint either. I really have to be better at this cooking thing and fast! Haha. Right now though, I can't wait to go back to my pescatarianism. Happy Monday everyone!

Addendum: Mother requested pesto pasta for merienda so I made my favorite one: spaghetti with tuna pesto. As usual, I didn't take a photo of my dish. What I cook may taste nice, but I'm telling you, my presentation is always mediocre. :)

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