TV Seriesss... Done with Greek, Fringe, Joey

Over the course of my "bumhood" and my stay in UAE, I got to finish 2 pending series and a new one.

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Last year, I marathoned and finished all 4 seasons of Fringe in under two months. My love for Fringe is rooted from my love for the incomprehensible: parallel universe, alterverse, multiverse, timelines (not of the Facebook kind), anything bizarre, anything out of the ordinary. Add to that my love for JJ Abrams. But what struck me most about this series is, well, Peter Bishop's character. I never thought I could fall in love with a TV character. Yes, I am in love with Peter Bishop and I would really really like to meet my own Peter Bishop someday. I'm not sure though if he exists in this timeline. Perhaps there's a version of me in an alternate universe who is already happily married to him. :)

"How you doin'?" We all know that this series is a spin-off of Matt LeBlanc's famous character from the TV series FRIENDS. I love Joey. His naivety is his greatest tool for making people laugh. Sadly, the series was cancelled after 2 seasons. That's why it only took me a couple of nights to finish the whole series.

I always finish what I've started. Greek is no exception to that rule. I got hooked because it was about college life. My college life had been both hard and happy at the same time. I learned a lot but I also missed a lot. Students from our college were discouraged to join varsity (goodbye swimming) or University-wide orgs because of our study load. Sisterhood (sorority) and brotherhood (fraternity) aren't even a common thing in our University (with the exception of Civil Law and Faculty of Medicine and Surgery). This show--even though it's fiction--somehow gave me a different perspective about college.

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