Mini highschool reunion

Dave, Aizza, Marlo, Dimple and I had lunch at Biella, Times Square. It was Dave's treat (after being bullied by us girls, hehehe!).

Dave, Dimple, moi, Aizza

This time with Marlo

After our heavy lunch, we had coffee and frappe. Dimple and Aizza introduced us to Nuellita, a fellow-MindoreƱo who's also working in Dubai, who was gracious enough to spare some of her time to chat with us about travel and destinations. We were just letting time pass by while Dimple and I decide if we will go for the obstacle course set by Adventure HQ at the lobby. We didn't. Mahaba ang pila. We just decided to go buy some stuff from the grocery store before we commenced our sleepover at Aizza and Marlo's place. Dave went to some other place but promised to join us for dinner.

Dinnertime. Dave and his girlfriend Dal came to join us. While having dinner, we were voting for the movie genre we'd like to see. Horror won! But the first movie we picked (I forgot the title) was a snoozefest. We stopped it before it even reached the 15-min mark. We all agreed that it was kind of dragging. We picked another movie, The Descent and we ended up watching its sequel, The Descent 2. Oh, these two movies are certified screamfest talaga! Haha. :)

That was one happy night! Thanks guys for the mini-reunion, and for the day after. :) Sa uulitin!

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