Tummy Porn... Umi Fusion and F Café

Dimple and I were invited by Tita Sheila (my mother's cousin) for a dinner at Al Wahda Mall. Tito Edwin (Tita Sheila's husband) and Ace (my second cousin) were there too.

Umi Fusion's menu is comprised of Japanese, Chinese and Thai dishes. We picked out different items from all three cuisines. It was nice catching up with everyone over good food.

Dimple suggested F Cafe for desserts. I like their menu: iPads! All you have to do is browse and click on what you want to order, and the list will be automatically sent to their station. Susyal! We had creme brule and raspberry cheesecake.

Umi Fusion - Level 3, New Extension, Al Wahda Mall, Abu Dhabi
F CaféLevel 1, New Extension, Al Wahda Mall, Abu Dhabi

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