Standby with seatmate Harold

Harold was my seatmate during first year college. He has been living in Dubai and has been working for the Emirates Airlines since 2008. We were supposed to meet during my first visit in the country back in 2009 but our schedule didn't allow us to. So on my second time in the emirates, we made sure we'd meet. During one of his no-flight days, he BBMed me to ask where I was staying in Dubai. I told him the location of my sister's apartment and he gleefully replied: "Taga-dyan din ako!". Haha! What a co-accident (that's Toshi's version of 'what a coincidence!')?! Our places where literally in the same area, all I had to do was cross the road.

He prepared lunch for both of us.

After lunch, we pretty much just hanged inside his flat and waited for Anton and Marlo (both from SG) to be available for Skype. It was raining that day in SG and the two of them were having a problem with their 3G signal and our calls kept hanging up. Harold and I ended up mocking the 3G signal of a developed country. With the help of a speedy and trusty wifi connection, we had a fun Skype session with Anton after he got home from work.

I love Harold's flat. It's quite big for two people actually (below's just the living room area). The bedrooms are big, the kitchen area and the dining area as well. Emirates employees are very lucky with all the benefits package they receive from their employer, one of which is a very nice accommodation.

After chatting with Anton, we went to pick up Harold's mini turtles from his bestfriend's accommodation along Sheikh Zayed Road. I met a few of Harold's friends who work for Emirates Airlines as well. They were all nice and pretty, my self-esteem almost dove. Haha!

Thanks Harold!

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